Sunday, December 20, 2009

Homemade House

I'm so amazed by how easy it was to make this house using the Timeless Template Homemade and matching stamp set.

I made this as a hostess thank-you gift for whomever hosted Christmas this year. All the windows and doors were stamped and cut out.

This is actually a very simple-looking house. I've seen people add grass, fences, lights, even furniture to the house. I opted to keep it simple since this was my first try.

I used the sentiment from Mega Mixed Messages and outlined it with the dotted rectangle from Borders and Corners: Rectangle. I liked the added bling.

I love how the top just comes off so you can fill it with goodies. Here's a picture of the inside...

Here are the contents.

I made the smaller version of the Around Town Tote and filled it with a few Starbucks Via packets.

I also made the small version the It's On The House template and decorated it using the Sign Language stamp.

It's really cute, but tiny. It doesn't hold that much. Fortunately, I have a bunch of these Italian mints called Puntini. They are really delicious and small. I can fit quite a few in this box.

I had a lot of fun doing this project. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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  1. Michelle, how have I missed your blog for so long now, you really do GREAT WORK! I've subbed now so I won't have to miss anymore of your posts :)